My Story

Colourful. Creative. Curious.

These are a few words often used to describe me. I'm a trained communicator. A qualified coach. An experienced mentor. An intuitive leader and converted yogi.

For the last decade I've lived in Sydney and London, heading up award-winning PR and marketing teams. Now back in Scotland, I remain passionate about developing leaders and helping amazing people find more meaning and purpose in their lives. 

For many years my career was everything to me. It took up most of my time and headspace. It impacted my personal relationships, but I never seemed to care. It was my identity. Then it all came crashing down.

I remember getting to a point in my late 20s when I thought to myself is this it? I’d finally got everything I’d ever wanted, peer recognition, financial reward and title. I was so confused. Suddenly everything I’d been working towards, didn’t hold any value to me anymore.

I’d always been a searcher, but I never knew what I was searching for. After seeing so many talented people around me burning out and having my own experience of disillusionment and exhaustion, I left London and moved to Australia looking for a more balanced, peaceful existence.

It wasn’t easy and it took a lot of hard work and effort but I eventually found what I was looking for. The ability to centre myself, find peace and positivity in the most unlikely of places and bring contentment into my day to day life. I realised that once you stop searching you can live anywhere in the world and feel grounded and happy.

Coaching (and yoga) helped give me a new perspective on everything. Both have brought clarity, compassion and more consistency into my life. I hope I can share my knowledge and learning with you.