Career workshops

I've come across so many talented people who don't know where to start when it comes to marketing themselves. Unfortunately if you don't know who your brand is how do you expect an employer to know?

I believe the way many organisations recruit is inherently flawed. We base decisions on face value and often strong candidates can be overlooked because they don't impress on paper.

It’s not easy to stay motivated and positive when you are in the wrong role and I’m passionate about helping people find their right fit. Whether it’s your first rung on the ladder or a complete career change, I can workshop ideas and help you prepare for your next step.

My area of expertise is communication, specifically PR, events, marketing and publicity where I have focused my energies for 15 years. I have managed campaigns for government, not-for-profit, arts, consumer, tech and automotive clients, giving me a really solid grounding in a range of industries.   

It takes time and effort to land your dream job, but if you are determined enough, pretty much anything is achievable.

I'll provide you with the building blocks, from creating a winning CV, advice on how to approach businesses, how to tailor your skills and ultimately how to market yourself.

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