Yoga for the soul

Yoga is not about whether you can do a headstand or not. Nor is it about how flexible your body is. For me, yoga is about the flexibility of the mind. How you train it, how you focus your thoughts and become aware that they shape your feelings which in turn influence your behaviours.

Yoga is about how you show up on your mat. What energy you bring to your practise and how you embrace this attitude in your every day life.

Yoga is about being kind to others and also being kind to yourself.

Yoga is about acknowledging the body you’re in and becoming so in-tune with you, that you know how far you can reach that day. Yoga is knowing when to push your edge and also learning when to let go.

Yoga is not a competition. It’s a deepening relationship with yourself. Yoga is acceptance, it’s peace, it’s love, it’s joy.

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